Looking for a MedBridge promo code? I’ll share 4 of the most up to date MedBridge promo codes that can save you hundreds of dollars a year. 

I’ve been using MedBridge Education for the past 4 years and every year, I renew at the discounted rate using their biggest discount ($150 off). I love using MedBridge because the continuing education platform is great and I use the home exercise program every day when I’m in the clinic. 

MedBridge Education Courses

There are over 1800 courses on MedBridge which means you’ll have no problem finding a course to complete your continuing education requirements. 

When you sign up for any tier of MedBridge, you get unlimited access to all of the courses. It also includes the courses for specialty certification programs.

Top 4 MedBridge Promo Codes

Every quarter, MedBridge typically offers a promotion code to reduce the price by $150. While some of these promo codes expire, there are a few ongoing MedBridge promo codes that continue to work regardless of the promotion.  The largest MedBridge promo code available is the $150 discount. (Occasionally you’ll see a $100 discount, but obviously $150 is the better deal!)

1. PTProgress Promo Code

The promo code PTProgress is the most used MedBridge promo code on the list because it provides $150 off of any level without an expiration date. 

The team at MedBridge Education provides this coupon for the PTProgress readers regardless of specialty. It works for PTs, OTs, SLPs, nurses, and Athletic Trainers. Plus when you use this promo code, your MedBridge subscription renews at the discounted rate year after year.  Just type PTProgress in the promotional code area to see the $150 discount (which will auto renew next year too!).

2. PTPStudent Promo Code

The MedBridge student discount drops the price to an astounding $100 for students only. If you are a new grad and want to receive CEU credit for the courses you take on MedBridge, you’re better off using the promotion above. That’s because the PTPStudent discount provides students with access to MedBridge but students do not get CEU credits. Students don’t actually need CEU credits until at least a year or two after they graduate, so it’s not an issue for current students. 

medbridge student discount
medbridge student promo

3. STRDFBORG promo code

This is one of the seasonal MedBridge Education promo codes and may change. Unlike the two previous promo codes, there is no guarantee that a seasonal discount will automatically renew at the lower price the following year.  They’re a great option if you don’t have access to any of the ongoing discounts, but since the previous codes work for everyone who visits this blog, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get access to a discount that renews each year. 

4. Oct20fB promo code

The last quarterly promotion provided by MedBridge was the $100 deal they offered in October of 2020. They may offer a spring deal of $100 off again, so I’ll update the Medbridge discount code when they do. However, I do not know if this quarterly promotion will renew at a discounted rate or if you’ll have to pay full price when your subscription renews next year. Since it’s the same discount every quarter (and the same discount as the automatically renewing promo code above), I’d rather you get a recurring discount with the most popular discount they created for the blog. 

MedBridge CEU Accreditation

The CEUs earned through MedBridge are fully accredited and they make it really easy to search for courses eligible for CEUs in your state.  You can sort courses by specialty and filter courses that are eligible for specific states. For traveling therapists, it’s great to access accredited courses for any state you need to renew your license. Of course, since many states recognize course accreditation via reciprocity, it makes your life easier when you have access to courses that meet this criteria. 

MedBridge Discount Codes

I plan on using MedBridge for my CEUs again this year and just renewed my account using the PTProgress MedBridge discount code. Let me know if you have any questions or issues with any of the discounts listed above and I’ll make sure you have access the courses at the lowest price. 

MedBridge Courses

Here are some of the MedBridge Courses that I love to recommend. 

1. The Athlete Movement System: Spine (Recorded Webinar)

2. Foundations of Blood Flow Restriction Training

3. Evidence-Based Treatment of the Shoulder: An Update

4. Evidence-Based Treatment of the Lumbar Spine: An Update

5. Evidence-Based Treatment of the Foot and Ankle: An Update

Bookmark for Additional MedBridge Promo Codes

I’ll keep an eye out for any additional MedBridge Education promo codes, so be sure to check back for any updates. Honestly, there hasn’t been a better deal than the $150 off using the PTProgress promo code, so if you’re on the fence about it, you can still get the biggest discount available and check in next year to see if there’s a better discount.