MedBridge Education is one of the largest continuing education platforms for medical professionals, offering a MedBridge promo code through partners like PTProgress and others.  The current MedBridge promo code will provide a $150 discount at MedBridge Education.  This is a huge savings for both of the products available at MedBridge.

How to Save Up to 40% at MedBridge Education

First off, if you are a student, you can access MedBridge for $100 which is actually a 76% savings from the regular price!

Secondly, MedBridge offers a 40% discount to SLPs (speech language pathologists) as their course availability continues to grow. 

For PTs, OTs, ATCs, and nurses, a 40% discount is available based on the $150 promo codes at MedBridge.  The savings lowers the price from $425 down to $275 for the Premium plan, which includes access to the home exercise program.  If you do not need access to the home exercise program, but still want access to the 1800+ continuing education courses, you can save $150 on the Education plan, lowering the price from $375 down to $225.

  • Premium Plan: $475 – $275 (1,800+ courses, plus home exercise program)
  • Education Plan: $375 – $225 (1,800+ courses, no home exercise program)

Best MedBridge Promo Codes for 2024

Each year, MedBridge partners with companies to provide huge discounts to the MedBridge Platform.  Below are the top 3 MedBridge Promo Codes for 2024, providing the largest discount available for PTs, OT, ATCs, and Students. 

1. MedBridge Promo Code: “PTProgress

For the past 3 years, MedBridge has partnered with PTProgress to provide the largest MedBridge promo code available: $150 off with the promo code: “PTProgress.”  This discount can be used for PTs, ATCs, OTs, nurses, and SLPs.  The best part about this MedBridge discount is that you don’t need to be a physical therapist to use it! You can use the MedBridge promo code PTProgress and save $150 on any level of MedBridge Education.

2. MedBridge Promo Code: PTPStudent

For students who want to expand their clinical skills, reasoning, and overall knowledge, MedBridge offers their entire library of courses a 75% discount using the promo code PTPStudent.  You can access all MedBridge courses for just $100 with this student discount!  As a student, you will not receive credit for continuing education hours, but you can access all the training modules, including the valuable specialty certification exam prep material.  

3. MedBridge Promo Code for Athletic Trainers

A $150 MedBridge discount for athletic trainers is available with the promo code PTProgress as well.  The field of athletic training and physical therapy is so closely tied together, which means Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists can both benefit from many of the same continuing education courses available on MedBridge.  Since you don’t need to be a PT to use the promo code PTProgress, Athletic Trainers can take advantage of this discount as well!

4. MedBridge Promo Code for Occupational Therapists

For Occupational Therapists who want to use MedBridge, a $100 discount is available using the promo code “MedBridgePromo.” This will provide a good discount on MedBridge, but not as great as the $150 discount above.  However, Occupational Therapists and nurses should be able to apply any of the MedBridge promo code options above and still get access to the entire course library for just $225. 

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Is MedBridge Education Worth It?

With hundreds of new or updated courses each year, MedBridge Education is known as the leader in continuing education for medical professionals.  This is especially true for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Trainers, and nurses who need high-quality continuing education courses. 

I’ve personally used MedBridge for the past 3 years and have found the courses to be convenient, affordable, and extremely high quality.  Using the online platform is great for learning on the go or between patients because I can start and stop courses anytime I want.  

It’s really easy to track your progress and to reference completed courses very quickly.  For anyone who needs to complete continuing education in a short period of time, the 2x speed option is a great way to move through material efficiently.  

At just $225 for the education plan or $275 for the premium plan (which includes access to the home exercise program) your cost per continuing education hour will be very low. 

Next Steps:

If you need to complete all or some of your continuing education this year and want the convenience of taking courses at home and at your own pace, you should really consider MedBridge.  The MedBridge discount codes above will save a lot of money, and lower your cost to just $225, which is lower than most in-person weekend courses available!  Of course, you’ll have access to over 1,600 courses to choose from, which makes MedBridge a great supplement or complete resource to finish all of your continuing education requirements!